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Metalia Studios
Metalia Studios
Metalia Studios


Hygiene is fundamental to luxury piercing, that’s why we use sterile single-use needles, nitrile gloves, a thorough sterilisation process and state-of-the-art autoclave to clean our jewellery and tools. And our piercing artists are qualified and trained, holding Maintain Infection Control Certificates.


We're with you for the whole process, even once you leave the studio. After care is important in the healing of your new piercing, so we provide thorough information on how to care for your new piercing as well as check-ups and downsizing. We love to help!


Gone are the days of waiting months before you can wear the jewellery you love. we pierce with stylish, high quality metals, using implant grade titanium and solid 14kt gold so you leave the studio with gorgeous, quality bling in your freshly fab ears.

Metalia Studios

Piercing guide

There’s no limit to your love

Each ear is unique and not every anatomy will suit every piercing but here's a general map of where you can get pierced. Style consultations are free with every appointment.

Piercing guide
  • Helix

    The Helix is located in the upper cartilage of the ear. This gorgeous go-to piercing follows the curve of your cartilage to find the Forward Helix, or traces down to meet the lobe.

  • Flat

    Located in the flat area of the upper cartilage, a piercing on your Flat adds the perfect pop of glam to your earscape.

  • Rook

    The creative Rook piercing sits on the inner ridge of cartilage nestled behind the Forward Helix. Perfect for rings and curved barbells.

  • Forward Helix

    The flirty Forward Helix is at the frontal outer rim of the ear cartilage. It’s that spot where you tuck your hair behind the ear as it curves.

  • Conch

    Fun and versatile, the Conch sits on the inner of your ear. Fab with a ring, labret or stud, Conch piercings are subtle and stylish as hell.

  • Tragus

    Located in that small piece of cartilage over the entrance to the ear canal, the Tragus adds an edgy elegance to your earscape.

  • Daith

    Daith piercings hug the inner ridge of cartilage on the ear, perfect for rings. Go as subtle or as sparkly glam as you want with this baby.

  • Lobe

    Lobe piercings can be any piercing on the soft, lower part of your earlobe. Stack it, snakebite it or go with the classic pair. Lobe piercings will always be  fun, timeless and versatile.

Piercing Menu

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Ear Curation: Style and 3 Piercings $350

Ear Curation Solid Gold: Style and 3 Piercings $590

Ear Curation: Style and 4 Piercings $420

Ear Curation Solid Gold: Style and 4 Piercings $780

Ear Snakebites $200

Lobe Set $120

Lobe Single $70

Stacked Lobe $70

Helix $100

Tragus $100

Rook $100

Daith $100

Conch $100

10+ Years Old $120


Nostril $100+

Septum $100+

Navel $100+

Nipple $100+

Nipple Set $180+


Solid Gold $140 +

After Care

Aftercare Spray $22


2 - 4 Week Check Up COMPLIMENTARY

Downsize $30 +

Installation/Change Over $20 +

Jewellery Styling $20 +

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